Friday, July 13, 2012

My baby shower

My baby shower, on Saturday, June 30, was awesome. I was extremely honored that so many friends and family members came to celebrate our newest addition. We had about 25 people there! My mom and sisters hosted the party at sister's house. It looked so nice!!

Gorgeous food setup
Cute little fruit baby!
Diaper cake - so cute, and still in our nursery today
Outdoor decor
Sabrina had her baby girl the next day!! Our babies are going to be BFFs, at 3 or 4 weeks apart in age.
Sisters and Mom

We were given tons of adorable, thoughtful and generous gifts for baby - I felt so incredibly loved!! I'm sooo grateful to my 3 beautiful shower hostesses for all their effort, and to every guest who came to celebrate with us!


Romance In A Glance said...

Everything looks so nice!!!! Best wishes for a safe delivery!

Gayle Cochrane said...

Lovely baby shower. Can't wait for the baby to arrive. Blessings.

Teenage Bride said...

the fish over the crib are too precious!