Thursday, July 26, 2012

40 weeks!

Today is my due date!! I think I'm ready to meet this child! The anticipation of not knowing when it will happen is so exciting but it's messing with my head! When I roll over at night I often get round ligament pain, but now I'm thinking "Oh! Was that a real contraction??"

Also, yesterday James' coworkers threw him a surprise baby shower - so sweet!! They gave us an awesome assortment of baby goods. So cool of them.

Tonight the 4 other couples in our Bradley Method class (and their 4 babies!) are coming over to our house. We're the only ones left without a baby yet - I'm looking forward to seeing them and hearing about their birth and parenting experiences.

Size of baby: The size of a jackfruit (??)
Sleep: I'm trying to get as much sleep as I want now, because I know I won't have the luxury very soon. A few nights I've been waking up really hot and sweaty - of course the first time I thought I might be in labor, but nope.

Movement: You know what feels really weird? For the past month or so, baby has been hitting me in the hip bone - from the outside of my hip. My pregnant belly has extended so far outside of my pelvis, that baby's head-butting the outside of my left hip and it is the strangest sensation!

Feeling: A few days ago I was feeling irritated with everyone in the world... except James, luckily. I feel selfish because all I care about and want to be around is my little family - the three of us.

Still have contractions every day - and they may be getting stronger even - but are not consistent. Remembering how much my feet were swelling a few months ago, I'm kind of amazed at how little they're swollen now!

What I miss: Nothing. I want to savor the last few days of being pregnant. It's awesome and amazing and miraculous. I seriously love it.

What I'm looking forward to: Meeting our baby!!

Best moment this week: The last special moments with hubby before we become a family of 3.

Worst moment this week: Being emotional and irritable.

Milestones: We're ready to be born! Baby's hair and nails are growing, and lungs continue to develop that last little bit.

Cravings: Nothing and I do not want to cook anything. Cooking is the worst right now.

Food aversions: I'm trying to make myself eat more eggs and leafy greens - neither sound good, but both are very good for me and baby.

I've forgotten to mention possibly the most unexpected and awesome symptom of pregnancy, and I need to address it since this might be my last pregnancy update post. My leg hair growth slowed way down. Day 6 of hair growth looks like yesteryear's day 2. So cool! I didn't realize this until a few months ago when I read that this happens to some pregnant women, and then I became aware of this fabulous side effect. I hope it sticks around!

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry-You'll know when it's real labor. I remember each time i started labor and hubby asked,"Are you sure you're in labor?" There will be no question in your mind when it's real!
I'm so happy for you. You are so close to having the babe in your arms!