Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hospital tour

We had our hospital tour tonight. Two thoughts:
  1. Holy crap, this is getting real.
  2. Our hospital is awesome, I'm so excited to have our baby there!
Why is it so awesome? Let me count the ways... they are so progressive in their standard practices. Super natural birth friendly - they have labor tubs (two total) and showers (in every room), almost never give episiotomies, do not rush to a C-section if you don't progress "fast enough" after your water breaks, provide squat bars, encourage immediate skin-to-skin contact (even if you have a C-section!) and promote breastfeeding like crazy.

They're certified "baby friendly" by the World Health Organization because of their commitment to these practices.

image source
I really don't think we're going to have any problems getting any of our birth preferences that might be more liberal than other hospitals and old school doctors are used to. We even get to deliver with a midwife.

Now I need to seriously start thinking about getting a hospital bag ready to go. Holy crap!!

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