Thursday, May 31, 2012

32 weeks

Size of baby: A squash
Sleep: Uncomfortable sometimes, fine sometimes. Rolling over and getting out of bed is getting increasingly more difficult.

Movement: It's feeling so weird! Baby's running out of room and I can tell. I don't know how to explain it... like... there's a whirlpool in my lower stomach with currents flowing every which way. That's the feeling I have right now as I type, and the best way to describe it.

Feeling: Big and tired. The reality of having a newborn in two months is starting to sink in. But not completely. Not even close to completely.

What I miss: Having energy, drinking wine, sleeping through the night without having to pee.

What I'm looking forward to: Breastfeeding and infant safety classes.

Best moment this week: The whole Memorial Day weekend was awesome! Hung out with family (mine and hubby's), had a birthday party for our moms, played frisbee, soccer and softball at the park, barbecued and hung out. Lovely.

I should have been standing, I don't look pregnant... just gigantic!
Worst moment this week: That rib pain I've mentioned a few times before? My doctor told me that's not baby, it's gallstones. Which sucks... I'll probably blog about that later separately.

Milestones: Well, she should be head down by now... but I have a feeling she isn't. I'm not going to worry about it for another month (per my midwife's advice).

Cravings: Milk. Love it.

Food aversions: Nothing specific.

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