Friday, May 25, 2012

31 weeks

I'm still wearing lots of non-maternity bottoms, which is cool. Not jeans of course... those went away in the first trimester... but yoga pants and skirts still work! In this picture I'm wearing a skirt - I just have to wear them lower under my bump and make sure I have a long enough maternity top.

Size of baby: The size of a pineapple! Yikes!
Sleep: Great some nights, and restless/uncomfortable other nights.

Movement: Yep! As baby runs out of room, there are less kicks and punches, and more just shifting around.

Feeling: It seems like baby is always pushing up into my right ribs... that's uncomfortable. On Sunday I did lots and lots of yard work for 2 hours, and for the rest of the day I was beat. So, so exhausted!! Then Monday we went for a long walk and after 40 minutes my sciatica was killing me. Like, the last half hour I had to walk home really old-lady-slow because every step was painful.

What I miss: Laying on my back to watch TV.

What I'm looking forward to: My next prenatal appointment is Tuesday, and later that night is our hospital tour. Also my sister staying with us this weekend.

Best moment this week: Hmmm... it was pretty cute volunteering with my mom at her church - she'd introduce me to everyone and always mention her grandbaby.

Worst moment this week: Finding ants AND THEN A RAT in the house/garage :( Eww eww eww!!

Milestones: All of baby's five senses are fully developed. Brain and nerve development is happening, and the eyes now react to light.

Cravings: Milk - I honestly drink 6 glasses a day. I switched to organic back in the beginning of my pregnancy because that would be a lot of cow hormones to baby.

Food aversions: It's a struggle to eat my leafy greens most days.


Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with a grandmother bragging about her child's child! (Love,Mom)

Rebekah said...

Love your bump! Can't believe you're in the single digit weeks now!