Friday, May 11, 2012

29 weeks

I'm still pretty far from having an outie belly button, but it's certainly changed a lot. I can officially see the back of it, and it's not very far away. So strange. I'm not sure if I'll get an outie (or a flattie... I just invented that term), but I wouldn't be surprised.

Size of baby: The size of an acorn squash
Woah, there's a little person in me that weights 3 pounds!! And is almost a foot and a half long! So hard to comprehend... and according to, baby will triple in size before she makes her entrance (exit?).

Sleep: Getting uncomfortable, but not too bad.

Movement: Lots, and it often stirs up some kicks if I eat cereal or drink really cold water. I had the weirdest there's-an-alien-inside-me feeling the other night as I was falling asleep - I swear if I had been looking I would have seen an elbow!

Feeling: I'm getting motivation to clean and organize more (really nothing compared to many people, but I've been kind of lazy recently). I guess you could call it nesting. Then I'm sooo tired if I do too much. I still have feet swelling, but for the past few weeks it actually hasn't been as bad as a month ago. Oh and I pee constantly... sometimes every 15 minutes.

What I miss: After a busy day I'm really tired and my feet hurt. I miss not having that!

What I'm looking forward to: I booked a prenatal massage for Tuesday! We also have our infant care class at the hospital on Monday.

Best moment this week: Getting lots done around the house - yard work, replacing electrical outlets, fixing a faucet, replacing the broken door to our attic, cleaning off the patio for the summer season, having some art framed. Could not do it all without my motivated husband!

Worst moment this week: It's too HOT!! Man, it's going to be an uncomfortable summer...

Milestones: More growing and fattening up (I wrote that regarding the baby, but I guess it's true for me too, ha).

Cravings: I gave in and bought these the other day... I haven't bought them in years (seriously since college) but they're so good! No more though, one little brownie has 280 calories!
Food aversions: Nothing.