Saturday, April 14, 2012

DIY mobile

A while back I was noticing how expensive mobiles are - both the store bought electronic and more old-fashioned varieties. I found a few I loved on Etsy but no way am I shelling out $90 for them! So they became my inspiration.

From DropsOfColorShop on Etsy
From HingMade on Etsy
Here's mine

(all purchased at Joann)
  1. Two embroidery circles [$2.78 for both]
  2. Yarn [$2.79]
  3. Fishing line (or string of this sort) [$1.11]
  4. Needle and thread [$4.28 because I got a set of several needles]
  5. Felt [$.34 x 7 = $2.38 for 7 different colors]
  6. Cotton balls [$1.30]
For the rings
Take yarn and wrap it around the embroidery circles.

For the creatures
Rather than freehand the shapes, I Googled for images of "cartoon fish" and the like (My mobile has 2 fish, a dolphin, a turtle, an octopus, a shell and a starfish).

Then I printed the images, cut them out, and traced them onto my felt pieces with permanent marker. Each shape has to be done twice for the front and the back.

Once I had my felt shapes cut out, I sewed around the outside and stuffed them with cotton balls. Part of me wanted to put button eyes on my creatures - and I know it would be adorable - but the choking hazard just isn't worth it!

To hang it
Everything is tied together with string - I found something that was clear/invisible in Joann's jewelry section. This was the hardest part. It was really difficult to get the rings hanging evenly! They're not perfect, but F it. I can't do any better and I think it works!

I think this mobile is adorable hung over the crib in our ocean-themed nursery. Total cost was around $15, and that included buying new needles and thread because I was low.

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Rebekah said...

That turned out so cute! Mobiles can be expensive. I plan on making one myself if we have a girl but I don't know what kind I'll do for a boy!