Friday, April 27, 2012

27 weeks

I'm in my third trimester now!! Wow, I can't believe we're 3 months away from meeting our little peanut. I don't feel 6 months pregnant... but in some pictures I really look it! Yesterday we returned from our 5-day babymoon in Pismo Beach. I'll share photos from that in a separate post.

Size of baby: Cauliflower
Sleep: I woke up often on vacation and didn't sleep very soundly.

Movement: James finally felt it! 4/21/12 (26 weeks, 2 days), finally! That same day I was able to see my belly move too! Since then, we've been able to see and feel baby from the outside often. He's moving so much in there - all day, every day!

Feeling: Pretty good! Feet swelling is really bad unless I walk all day long (I discovered that on vacation - the days I walked on the beach for hours, my feet did great!). Standing doesn't work... it must be brisk walking for hours at a time.

What I miss: Taking cute pictures... I feel so fat in practically every one! Again, love the belly... hate the arms/legs/face.

What I'm looking forward to: Baby care classes and hospital tour.

Best moment this week: Walking on the beach with my husband.

Worst moment this week: Being a stereotypically emotional pregnant lady.

Milestones: Third tri! He's now practicing inhaling and exhaling with amniotic fluid. Baby's now showing brain activity and his brain will keep on getting more complex (I'm surprised brain activity wasn't going on long ago).

Cravings: I really wanted something different this whole week - I'm soooo tired of the same old pizza, pasta, burgers... bleh. Yesterday we had Middle Eastern/Mediterranean food and I'm all about that!

Food aversions: Nothing.

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Rose said...

See and feel baby?! I can't wait!! :)