Wednesday, March 21, 2012

22 weeks

We've planned our "babymoon," hooray! We haven't been travelling as much as we used to and wanted to plan a little vacay before the baby's born. Who knows when the next time we'll be up to driving several hours will be. We're headed to Pismo Beach for 5 days in April and I'm excited! Neither of us has been to that part of California before. We're going to Hearst Castle too!

Love that belly!
Size of baby: The size of a papaya
Sleep: Pretty darn good.

Movement: Still very faint, but I can feel our little pumpkin almost every day (James calls baby "Pumpkin." I usually call him/her "Peanut"). Yesterday was a particularly busy day for our little one :)

Feeling: I've been having pretty bad stomach/torso pain. I'm not sure if it's indigestion, Braxton Hicks (though I don't think so because it's higher than my uterus) or my organs being moved around by a growing baby. It really hurts!

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach

What I'm looking forward to: Our babymoon in Pismo Beach

Best moment this week: Getting stuff done - booking our trip, ordering a crib mattress, wetbags for cloth diapering (I'll post about that later!) and a K'Tan baby carrier (I got it discounted on Ebay and I'm so excited to use it :)

P.S. I tried one on at Buy Buy Baby and was able to figure it out on my own... they even had a fake, life-like baby that you could try it out with. Not gonna lie... that was fun!

This is kind of crazy, but we've (okay really I've) already purchased almost everything that we're not registering for. That includes all furniture, cloth diapers and accessories (because most of it isn't available where we registered), and lots more items that I found for too good a deal to pass up!

See up there ^^^ where it says I'm an obsessive planner/researcher? That's the 100% truth!

Worst moment this week: Tummy pain!

Milestones: A stranger finally acknowledged my pregnancy - but I was buying baby stuff so I think that gave her an in to comment. I'm still always wondering if people can tell but I guess that answers it... that may seem like a ridiculous statement if you're going by the big belly picture above, but that angle makes it seem so much more exaggerated!

Cravings: Anything with caramel or cheese in it (not together!)

Food aversions: Meat. Not a lot of food sounds good, so I'm having a hard time eating enough. I'm always hungry even though I'm quite certain I eat a lot!


Teenage Bride said...

too cute! Hopefully you have better luck with your baby carrier than I did. Juliette never liked hers

Chelsey Gwyne said...

love that baby bump! you are so beautiful!
you'll love pismo, there is a place called splash (i don't believe it's a chain?) that has to dieee for clam chowder, its fun to get it to-go and find a picnic table facing the beach :)
i'm excited to read your post about cloth diapers! not that i'll be prego for a while, but i've always thought i'll want to use those :)