Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Old wives tales

I think most of us can agree that these are not based on science and probably have a 50% chance of being correct, but I still thought it would be fun to share my results! I wanted to get this posted now in case we end up finding out the sex of baby on Friday :)

1. If you have morning sickness you're having a girl. No morning sickness means a boy.

Well I've had plenty of nausea but only threw up a handful of times. I think a lot of people have it worse than me so I lean toward this OWT saying I'm having a...


2. If your belly is big and round it's a girl. If it sticks straight out it's a boy.

I feel like it's too early to tell with this one! As of now I feel more round. Definitely don't have a case of torpedo belly. So this would indicate that I'm carrying a...


3. Ring test. Tie your wedding ring from a string and hang it over your belly. If it turns in a circle it's a boy, if it swings in a line it's a girl.

This test says I'm having a...


4. Heart beat rate. If your baby has a fast heart rate (near 170 BPM) it's a girl. Closer to 150 BPM means it's a boy.

We've heard baby's heartbeat twice, but the first time the midwife didn't tell us the number. At my 13/14 week appointment, it was 145. So that would mean one vote for...


5. If the pregnant mom's face gets wide and round during pregnancy, it's a girl. Long and narrow means boy.

I've always had a round face, never narrow! It may be a little more plump now... hard to say. It's certainly not long and narrow so this one gives one vote for....


6. A lady where I was volunteering did this test on me. She said "What's that on your hand?" and I looked at the back of my hand. According to her, if you look at the back of your hand it's a boy, and if I had looked at my palm it's a girl.

If this is true, I'm having a...


7. The Mayan Gender Test. Take the mother's age at conception and the year of conception and add them together. If it's an even number you're having a  girl, if it's odd you're having a boy.

25 + 2011 = 2036, so if this is true, I'm having a...


8. The Chinese Gender Test.

If I'm reading this website correctly (using Chinese age and Chinese lunar month), the chart says I'm carrying a...


9. Increased acne during pregnancy means girl, nice clear skin means boy.

I've been lucky to have pretty clear skin so far, so this would mean I'm having a...


10. If mom craves sweets while pregnant she's having a little girl, while cravings for salty items mean it's a little boy.

I'm definitely not a fan of salty stuff right now (it all tastes way too salty), while anything sweet (not just desserts but cereal, yogurt, granola bars) are about all that actually sounds good to me. So this would indicate that I'm having a...


So that's 5 votes for BOY, and 5 votes for GIRL. Too funny! I totally thought there would be a winner here. I didn't add them up until I was done.

For anyone who's been pregnant before, did these tests hold up for you?

OWTs compiled from here

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Anonymous said...

That was fun to read! Sorry I have no answers for you. I was always wrong guessing my own. Good luck