Wednesday, February 15, 2012

17 weeks

We're officially signed up for a Bradley Method birthing class that starts in 2 months. And I felt baby move!! More on that below :)

Gender: I'm really excited that we won't be finding out until baby's in my arms! I think I'll take this question out now... it's getting redundant.

Size of baby: An onion
Sleep: Kind of uncomfortable. I sleep on my side and have to switch several times a night... in order to roll over with the snoogle I have to wake up and totally rearrange everything.

Movement: I felt it I felt it I felt it! Woo hoo! Sunday, February 12 (16 weeks, 3 days. Must remember for the baby book). We were driving home from buying a glider for baby's room (Craigslist find. Cute huh?).

I felt baby karate kick me. It was like a little twitch. So precious! I think I felt it again later at bedtime too, but not sure. Nothing since then though.

Feeling: We're almost half way to having an outside baby and it doesn't seem real enough! There's sooo much to do and learn!

Physically I feel fairly fantastic. I just get pretty tired by the end of the day, and my walk yesterday had me feeling crazy winded after like a block. I just couldn't hang but still got in 40 (pretty slow) minutes.

James had a really bad cold that I managed to avoid. I'm actually thinking it was the flu and I was protected by the flu shot that I got before I was pregnant (my first ever and I got it specifically because I was hoping to get knocked up). Sorry Mom, I know you don't like that term but I think it's funny :) Anywho, hubby has been convinced to get the flu shot next year, and I think I will from now on too.

What I miss: Sleeping soundly through the whole night. Better get used to that.

What I'm looking forward to: Seeing baby at our anatomy scan in 2 weeks, and spending this weekend with my sister.

Best moment this week: Feeling baby move! Also, on Saturday I went to lunch with my parents, aunt, uncle and grandma and then hung out at our house. Fun!

Worst moment this week: A bit of the queasies.

Milestones: Feeling movement obvs. Baby's rubbery cartilage is now turning to bone, and she's putting on some fat. Her umbilical cord is also growing stronger and thicker.

Cravings: Nothing really.

Food aversions: Nothing really.


Rose said...

I can't wait to feel baby move!! And to see you :) Don't worry, my bed is all yours and we'll avoid these hills as much as we can. Love you ♥

Anonymous said...

The Bradley method relaxation methods were so very helpful birthing you. Practice makes a huge difference!

Stefanie K. said...

Movement is sooooo fun!! I'm curious whose Bradley classes you're taking? Loved ours. Definitely credit Bradley at least in part for our incredible, beautiful, wonderful birth. Yay!