Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's a...

We have 26 days until our anatomy scan, a.k.a. the appointment where, among other important things, we can find out if baby K is a he or a she! I've never been sure if I wanted to find out in advance... and I'm still not. As of today, we are leaning toward not finding out. Hubby initially wanted to, but is leaving the decision up to me ultimately. He's even agreed to keeping it a surprise and would be happy to do so.

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If we DON'T find out, we'll get that special moment when baby's born and I just think it will be so much more exciting! We'll get to tell people once he or she is here and it sounds fun to share that news with a newborn already in your arms. We have the rest of our lives to know the sex of our child... but only these few months to wonder. I even think it's a positive in terms of baby clothes because I'm a big fan of gender neutral everything. I really dislike gender stereotypes and the fact that they're pushed on people before they're even born.

If we DO find out, I think the biggest positive is that we can call the baby by name and imagine what he or she will grow up to be like. Some people say it helps them bond with the baby having that piece of info. We can narrow down names and not have to have one (or two or three) names for each gender ready (because it's really hard!).

I've been thinking about this for months and it's tough! I totally see both sides. And in the end, whatever we decide to do won't make a difference. It will be special and exciting and all that stuff no matter what. As of today, I'm leaning toward not finding out but that can absolutely change!


Rose said...

I didn't know you were leaning this way! But your explanation is a really good one and changed my viewpoint of this subject. I ♥ my little Baby K

Romance In A Glance said...

I always thought I wouldn't want to know and now I still don't know what I will do when that time comes. I think each way definitely has it's positives. Just to let you know, I am having a great give away to Favor Days and you can enter to win some adorable baby shower favors or christening favors and more. And they have plenty of gender neutral! ;)

Good luck girl!