Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dreaming of home ownership - bathrooms

Our bathroom situation right now is... not the best. For starters, we have only one. In our next house, I'd love to have at least 1.5 bathrooms. James says we need two but I've convinced him to look at houses with 1.5 if they're in ideal neighborhoods.

In addition to having only one bathroom, it's a small one at that. There's room for approximately one body in there, which is why I do my makeup in the hallway, with the mirror I mounted there. A master bath with two sinks would be fantastic.

I forgot to say in my kitchen post how much I love mosaic tile. I actually imagine it more as a kitchen backsplash

but I'll put it out there now that I'd love it in a shower as well!

A nice shower head is a must too. I've replaced the standard shower in almost every rental I've had - although 5'9" isn't that tall, it seems like showers are made for people who are 5'2"... I can't stand having to bend down to wash my hair!

I admit that this detail is kind of silly, but I like it okay?! We've stayed at several hotels that have this curved shower curtain rod. It feels like you have so much room when you're showering, and I want one :)

My cosmetics storage is a bit of a cluster currently because we have a pedestal sink. It's really cute but the only storage in the bathroom is the small medicine cabinet. Drawers = a dream come true.

I like calm, relaxing paint colors like blue and gray.

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Teenage Bride said...

we have two sinks in our bathroom... and I swear it is its own form of preventative marriage counseling hahaha