Sunday, March 6, 2011

Open houses 3/6/11

Today we visited three open houses. If I could have convinced hubby, we would have gone to about 30. There were open house signs on every corner!

The first one we knew before going that it wasn't for us, but it's only a block from our house so we wanted to check it out anyway!

Besides being pretty far out of our price range, it only has one bathroom. I thought it would be nicer though. Everything was so outdated and it just seemed like it has seen better days. On the plus side, it did have charming built-ins and a cute living room. Even if we liked it we can't afford it.

The second house was not in our plans, but it was across the street from house #1 so we checked it out without knowing the price or any details.

It turned out to be about twice our budget, and nice for the most part but still only one bathroom (common in this old neighborhood).

It had a super creepy dungeon-esque basement. A great home overall though, with a beautiful living and dining room.

The last house is more modern. It's in a cute neighborhood, although the schools are not very good.

We didn't like this one either... it appears nice at first glance, but everything was put together very cheaply. Like the carpets were coming up on the sides. It had a nice layout but it's not for us.

We're working on getting pre-approved for a loan right now, and I'm getting impatient! I really want to start making appointments because there are some homes that I'd love to see and I think we'd really like.


Dad said...

Every house needs a dungeon!

Kaitlin said...

House hunting is fun! We have an awesome agent and lender, if you want their names I would highly recommend them. Us ComS girls have to stick together. E-mail me if you want the info!