Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dreaming of home ownership - kitchens

Since we're now starting the house hunting process, I want to share some of the details I'd like to find in our next home, or in some cases my dream home (some details are small, some aren't!).

Today... kitchens. I actually really like our current kitchen. It's big enough - although I wouldn't mind a little additional counter space, I'm pretty happy with the amount of cabinet storage available.

For a long timed I've dreamed of a kitchen with a nice apple green paint color.

We currently have linoleum floors in the kitchen. Please, anything but that! It's not even the way they look - it's SO hard to get sparkly clean no matter how hard you scrub it!

I have a magnetic knife rack from Ikea that I love, and that's definitely coming with us!

An under-cabinet wine rack was gifted to me at my bridal shower,

but it doesn't have the bottom part for the glasses, so I hope to complement it with a wine glass holder as well!

As for large details, I really want a kitchen island, but unfortunately most of the homes in our budget don't have them or room to add one.

Many of them also have old, dated cabinets that I'd love to paint a crisp white! I think white cabinets make a kitchen so bright and clean-looking.

A walk-in pantry would be fab... we have a small one currently and I'm hoping our next one will at least be comparable.

All photos from Yahoo images


Rebekah said...

Oh, I love these! We have an island and I love it. We don't have tons of counter space, but more than we had in an apt. The island really helps with that. That magnetic knife holder is so cool!

Teenage Bride said...

The kitchen tends to be my favorite room in any house haha

I was so excited to get a bigger kitchen when we moved out of our apartment andinto our house!

Cait said...

just came across your blog and i love it :) what fabulous pictures! cant wait to see what you have next! omg and i love all the kitchen ideas! sooo great :)