Monday, March 14, 2011

Dreaming of home ownership - living rooms

I'm all about comfort and live-ability.

Inspiration images found here.

We'll keep our two current couches for a while because they're in fine shape, but eventually I'd love a sectional like this one. I love couches with a chaise - so comfy!

We have this coffee table

And these matching end tables

So we might get this coordinating media stand,

but we're waiting on that purchase. It's possible that we'll have a fireplace and mount our flat screen above it. We'll see. It often seems too high for me, but in some rooms that's what works best.

As for specifics about the actual room... I can't think of anything that's a must-have besides just enough space! Carpet or wood doesn't matter much to me and a fireplace would be a plus but not necessary at all.


Sam said...

I love the turquoise room, but a white couch? I dunno...seems like its just asking to have stuff spilled on it ya know?

I love the couch u want from JC Penny, comfy yet fabulous

Courtney said...

Love the first two pictures!