Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween fill in the blank Friday

From the little things we do.

1. My Halloween plans this year will include handing out candy to trick or treaters. We always get lots of cute kids at our house! Every year we run out of candy, so I bought extra this time. I hope I did, anyway... it's so hard to estimate.

2. My most memorable Halloween costume was Wilma Flintstone (2006)! I loved that costume because I made it myself.

3. For Halloween this year I'm going to be nothing. On Saturday we're going to a wedding, and I'm happy I have an excuse not to go to a party, because I'm not really into it.

4. I've always wanted to dress up as something really pretty like a ballerina. I also want to be Lois Griffin [from Family Guy] but James refuses to be Peter so it won't work!

Oh I just got an excellent idea! Maybe I can get him to do it when we have a baby and dress him/her as Stewie! That would be much better ;)

5. Halloween free association!  Candy, trick or treating, pumpkins, Fall.

6. The worst thing about Halloween is that there's too much candy around and it doesn't leave until January.

7. The best thing about Halloween is that there's too much candy around and it doesn't leave until January. Also, adorable kid costumes!

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Rebekah said...

It's so hard to estimate candy. We bought a bunch for the Trunk or Treat that we're working and I have no clue if it's enough!