Friday, October 15, 2010

Our honeymoon

The days following our wedding were laid back and so relaxing! And that's exactly what we were hoping for. We just wanted time to spend together without appointments or sights to see.

It was so great to spend those days alone with my new husband. I love having a husband!

Monday: Long walk along the ocean and lots of hanging out at home.

I think you have to take this picture on your honeymoon, right?

Also on Monday this raccoon fell in our trash can and couldn't get out. James knocked it over so that he could, but not before taking a picture and being hissed at!

Tuesday: Breakfast at Zachary's downtown. Walking and playing around Seabright State Beach.

James is pointing to the lighthouse where we got married, across the Monterey Bay.

Our lighthouse is over my shoulder here too.

In the evening we were supposed to go sailing on a boat called the Chardonnay, but they cancelled it :(

Not enough people booked, so instead we went to a nice dinner at Shadowbrook. We've already decided we just have to come back for our anniversary to go sailing!

Wednesday: Packed up the car and headed home. Huge thank you to my mother in law for letting us borrow her SUV... no way would we have fit even half of this crap (wedding stuff, gifts, supplies for the week, clothing...) in either of our cars!

That baby was packed to the brim.


Rebekah said...

What a fun time! That's crazy about the raccoon.

Having a husband is the best!

That's an awesome plan to go back for your anniversary!

MCW said...

Having a car packed to to the brim with presents for you is the best!