Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas weekend

As expected, Christmas weekend was a great time. James and I drove to Corning on Christmas morning and we opened presents once everyone was there.

My secret santa was my sister Samantha, so I got lots of stuff from Thailand! She and her husband spent 3 weeks there recently. I got jewelry, a jewelry box, a key chain, a cute little buddha, pillow covers, candle holders and placemats.

Later more family came over and we played games, like always.

The day after Christmas I went wedding dress shopping again with Mom and Victoria. I ended up ordering my favorite dress from last weekend [final choice is a secret]! I realized that I compared every dress to that favorite, and nothing could compare. I love it! It'll be delivered in March.

That day we also went after-Christmas clearance shopping and got some cards and ornaments for next year, and tons of white lights for our wedding reception! 50% off woo hoo!

Now we're relaxing at home. Aside from this cold I've had all weekend, Christmas 2009 was a success. Happy holidays!

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