Thursday, August 6, 2009

The perfect pair of shoes

I’ve finally found them! I’ve been on the hunt for years, but nothing was ever perfect. They weren’t stylish enough, versatile enough, comfortable enough.

You ladies know how hard it is to find a pair of shoes that’s cute, doesn’t kill your feet and can be worn to both the office and on a date.

I’ve finally found mine, oh glorious day! They may not be for everyone, but they are so comfy for my poor little feet! They’re Jessica Simpson’s Waldorf Pumps.

Cute, eh? I can wear them to dinner, dancing, or (more frequently) to the office. I have them in black but am strongly considering the red as well. And as soon as they wear out I’ll be right back at Nordstrom to buy another pair!

*As always, I have not been compensated for this juicy tidbit, but if Jessica's people want to call my people, free/discounted shoes are accepted :)

1 comment:

Rose said...

i LOVE the red, you should get them as well... then you'll be set for the next year or two :)