Thursday, August 20, 2009

First wedding planning post

I just made our first wedding vendor appointment! In a few weekends James and I will be driving down to Santa Cruz for the day to check out some locations to have our wedding!

Santa Cruz is our favorite weekend getaway destination, and for a long time we’ve been talking about getting married there. It’s a beautiful area, and it doesn’t have the snooty attitude of other pretty coastal towns. I hope we find a great place so that part of the planning is done… then we can move on to other details.

I’ve found several that I want to look at, but there’s one that I just love and have convinced myself that it’s perfect (Luckily my amazing fiance agrees). That’s where we have our first appointment. Now I need to call more, because it’s a 2.5 hour drive and we need to visit at least a few more places while we’re there.

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just another Belle said...

somehow I haven't looked at your blog yet!! (I just read your comment on my latest post and linked over.) I see you have a lot of great DIYs already posted so I figured I would start at the beginning. :) send me and email if you're interested in doing a feature post on my blog!