Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Bump in the Road by Maureen Lipinski

While browsing, I saw this book and became intrigued. I decided I had to buy it to find out what happened when Clare became unexpectedly pregnant.

She and her husband were in their 20s, having a great time being a fun, childless couple. They didn't plan to have kids, because that would cramp their style. Of course, they got pregnant accidentally and suddenly Clare had to learn about childbirth and caring for an infant.

The book is really funny. She describes her shift in priorities as reality sets in that she’ll be a parent, while making fun of her obnoxious coworker and mother-in-law.

I liked it, although I wouldn’t say it’s a favorite. I recommend it for an easy and girly read.

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Rose said...

now you'll have to read a BEND in the road :)