Monday, March 30, 2009

This weekend's weird gym story

I posted before about James’ streak of seeing uncommon sights at 24 Hour Fitness. He often sees local news anchors (not that extraordinary) and once saw an entire NBA team there. On Saturday he returned with yet another gym story.

A naked guy in the pool.

The pool area is clearly visible to people working out in the weight area – the wall dividing the two rooms is glass. Oh, and it’s not a clothing optional area. Apparently many people had the pleasure of seeing a lot of a wet, oblivious man walking around the pool and spa.

This is the same pool that a corpse was found in several months ago, I recently learned. I saw the signs that said the pool was closed and wondered what was up… yeah, someone died while swimming! How sad! The person died of natural causes but it took a long time (a day or so, I think) for anyone to notice.

Ah, 24 Hour Fitness, the stories you give me.

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Samantha said...

WIERD!!! Thats why i don't go there anymore, its even stranger at night when I want to work out.....