Saturday, January 24, 2009


This morning I came across a blog about a wedding. The wedding was in Washington state, and unfortunately the marriage is not legally recognized because it is between two women. I just wanted to post a quote from that blog, because I found it very powerful.

My favorite moment: The declaration of our marriage by our bad-ass celebrant & dear friend, Roxanne.

She took a step forward, puffed her chest and powerfully announced:“By the power unlawfully seized by me in defiance of the State of Washington's laws prohibiting marriage equality, it is my great pleasure to declare you MARRIED!"

It felt like the earth shifted at that moment. It was powerful because of how real the words were to her… it sent a visible wave of chills + joy over the crowd. It literally rocked!

Maybe I was just in a sappy mood, but I totally teared up reading that statement!

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