Monday, January 5, 2009

A civil rights issue

The issue of gay marriage rights is one that I am absolutely passionate about. It’s completely incomprehensible to me why anyone believes that they have the right to tell another person who they may legally marry. I don’t care if it “grosses you out.” We do not create laws based on ickiness factor. I don’t care if your religious book says that it’s an abomination. This is America, and we do not base our laws on religion. If you want a government like that, go to another country. Seriously. Go.

By the way, let’s get some context. The Bible declares homosexuality an abomination with the same ferocity as it bans the consumption of shellfish. If we’re going to strictly interpret every sentence of the bible (and that’s what it is, one sentence), then do it 100%. I have a huge problem with people picking and choosing which parts of the bible apply and which don’t.

Here in America, we also do not prevent two people from marrying due to their inability to reproduce, such as the elderly or infertile. And, The Gay is not even a little bit contagious.

I do not have these views because I have a close relationship with any homosexual, nor because I have experienced this particular discrimination. I have the right to marry the person I choose, because I choose to marry a man. I hold this belief simply because I understand that people do not choose who they love, and to deny anyone the right to legally declare that love is discriminative, archaic and completely un-American.


That said, I am on the email list for Equality Action Now, a gay rights group based in Sacramento. I will be posting information on relevant events that they send, in case anyone interested in getting involved happens to stumble across my blog.

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Stefanie K. said...

Good for you. I so completely (couldn't possibly more) agree with you.