Thursday, April 21, 2011

Top 10 reasons I'm glad our offer was rejected

  1. The kitchen needs to be remodeled
  2. Difficult sellers/selling agent
  3. Boring backyard with not enough shade
  4. Power pole, electrical lines and sewer manhole in the backyard
  5. The walls are dirty
  6. Moldy wall in the bedroom
  7. Tiny bathrooms
  8. Lack of closet storage
  9. High price
  10. We'll find something better!
There, I feel better already :)

We're going to start looking into a neighborhood that I used to live in when I was in college. J didn't like the idea before because he grew up very close by, so it felt too close to home. But now he's changing his tune thanks to our dislike of a lot of other areas (too new, too master planned, too trashy, etc. etc.)!

I'm not sure if we're picky about location or not... we don't want to live too far out in the suburbs, but we don't want to live in the ghetto. We want to live in a nice neighborhood but can't afford many of them.We want to minimize commute time (and work in slightly different areas). We want to feel safe and send our future kiddos to good public schools. I know we'll find this place (with a house we love and can afford in it) eventually!


EJ said...

You will find something better. I just spent spring break appreciating/redecorating our home and you will find yours!

Teenage Bride said...

no worries, it is all part of the process