Monday, April 11, 2011

House hunting 4/10/11

Spoiler alert: None of these houses are our home.
But we're getting closer!

House #1

4 bedrooms
Love the layout
Room to add a kitchen island
Our favorite of the day

Outdated (But I can totally see the potential with a little bit of love!). It would need new floors, windows and appliances
Farther out in the 'burbs than we wanted

The weirdest thing about this house? It's the same design as the house James grew up in and where his mom still lives! It's basically a mirror image, with a few changes. We got serious deja vu. This doesn't bother me a ton since I always liked the design of that house. But he was freaked out by it a bit!

House #2

Big house
Big yard
...that's it

Weird layout
Converted garage
Craphole (yeah it's a technical term)
Faces the back of a high school 

House #3

Nice, clean, updated interior
Big backyard
Feels big - good layout

Teeny tiny kitchen
Bad neighborhood
1 car garage

House #4

New carpet, paint
Love the backyard
Nice curb appeal

Faces the side of a school
A little small
Small, old kitchen and dining room

House #5

 {Sorry, no more pictures available online.}

Feels big
Large living room, family room and dining room
4 bedrooms

Super weird/random nooks and crannies everywhere
2 stories
1 car garage
It has 2 bedrooms upstairs and 2 bedrooms downstairs - not good for when we have 2 kids
Overall strange

House #6

Seems like a good neighborhood

Really only has 2 bedrooms. The "possible" 3rd is a family room.
Fugly backyard
Bad layout that makes it feel way smaller than it is

House #7

Big and perfect layout for us

Reeks of cigarette smoke
The whole backyard is paved over
Needs a whole new kitchen and all new flooring
Too close to the freeway - you can hear it from the front yard
Rat poop!


Teenage Bride said...

House hunting is so fun... also a bit stressful, hopefully you will find your home soon!!!!

Rebekah said...

What fun! Even if these aren't for you, I bet it's a lot of fun looking! You'll find the one!

Romance In A Glance said...

How exciting! I wish I was doing the same! Good luck to ya'll!!!! I kept trying to pick my favorite, but I loved them all!