Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Goal #36: Pay off my student loans

As of today, I'm 100% debt free! And will be that way until we get a mortgage later this year. It feels good!

I had been making regular payments - twice the minimum, but it still would have taken several more years to pay off my two student loans.

We have decided to get an FHA or, more likely a VA home loan (James was in the Marines), meaning that we don't have to use much of our savings for a large down payment on a house. So I just paid my loans off to be done with it and avoid paying more interest.

That's two less bills every month (that I can put back into savings)... yay!

See my list of 100 goals to accomplish by my 30th birthday here.


MCW said...

Congrats! That is soooo exciting!!!! And must feel like such a relief.

Teenage Bride said...

yay!! Good for you, I bet that feels soooo good

Rose said...

That must be an amazing feeling! You're awesome Suz!

Mike and Katrina @HA said...

saweeeeet! That's exciting. I had been debt free before buying the house. This load will take a while to pay off :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Good for you! Congrats!

Anonymous said...;u=31199
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Itohowo Williams said...

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