Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dreaming of home ownership - bedrooms

I like our current bedroom a lot. It's nice and big, and has two separate closets for James and me (mine's a little bigger :) I love the size and the neutral tan wall color too. In the future, I'd love to have a walk-in closet.

And nice matching furniture (I say the next bed we get should be a king!). Now let's not kid ourselves by putting up a photo of fancy schmancy thousands of dollar furniture when I know well that I will never spend that kind of money on anything! I've heard good reviews of this line of dressers from Ikea and that works for me!
We already have nice side tables that James got me for Christmas a few years ago, so I want to match those (they're dark brown).

I'd also love to find and renovate an older piece like this this beauty by the amazing John and Sherry at YoungHouseLove. They bought it like this

And made it into this! Love them!

Our bedding is kind of worn out, but I'm waiting to move to buy a new set. Hey, maybe we'll decide to put our bed in the new guest room and need a king for ours - then the bedding would be a different size!

I'm loving dark browns for bedding, but of course the one we registered for is no longer online so I can't show you :(

This one from Bed Bath & Beyond is so pretty right?

Overall I love the feel of these pretty rooms (source)

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Teenage Bride said...

I would love to have a pretty bedroom like that!