Friday, June 18, 2010

3 months to go

I’ve got it under control! At least I hope I do. The wedding is in exactly 3 months… that is crazy to me. Maybe if I write out everything I have to do ASAP I won’t feel overwhelmed.
  • Finish & send invitations
  • Find a hair stylist
  • Order chairs for the ceremony
  • Make “reserved” signs for the ceremony, and some other random signs
  • Finalize our ceremony wording
  • Make ceremony programs
  • Payments and instructions to... everyone!
  • Get my dress fitted
  • Make & attend final meetings with:
    • Coordinator
    • Reception venue
    • Bakery
  • Buy:
    • My jewelry
    • My shoes
    • My makeup & other accessories
    • James’ suit
    • Ties for James, the best man & my dad
    • James’ shoes
    • Maid of honor’s dress
    • Wine for the reception
    • Guestbook & pens
    • Favors
    • Thank you notes
    • Gifts for some special people
Alright – that’s not too bad. I just need to spend every weekend for the rest of the summer going through that list and I’m good!

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am258 said...

You can do it!!!