Monday, April 19, 2010

Green thumb?

As has often happened in the springtime, I recently got excited to try and turn my thumb green by growing some fruits & veggies. The stores have such great sales and make gardening look easy!

It started a few weeks ago at Target... the $1 section had little packets of seeds, dirt and pots for tomatoes and basil, all for just $1. So I gave it a try... and look at my little seedlings!!



Then at Walmart, I saw this:

For only $7! How could I pass that up?! Think of all the homegrown tomatoes we'll get from it, right? The seeds that came with this kit are... not doing so well. I planted them like 2 weeks ago and they're not sprouting at all!! I've been watering them and everything. I think I'll have to buy some more seeds :(

THEN, we moseyed on over to the garden section, where I decided I HAD to have a raspberry plant for only $5.

I planted it on the side of our yard where it's pretty sunny most of the day.

Let's see how long this green thumb thing lasts.

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SweetPea said...

Beware! Gardening is addictive! We started our first garden 6 years ago and it's just gotten bigger every year. There is really nothing better than fresh tomatos and fresh green beans from the garden. It's the best!

Just a warning about raspberries, they take a while to really get started. It could be a few years before you get actual raspberries on your plant, but it will be worth it when it happens! Good luck.