Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wishful Wednesday: Home

Today I’m participating in Kelsey at Seattle Smith’s “Wishful Wednesday” game.

The rules:
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2. If you want to use McLinky... feel free to add your blog so others can see your idea and hop on over to your blog!
3. Link it back to my blog if you'd like.
4. Lastly, be creative with your ideas :)

I like this game!

Today’s Wishful Wednesday topic is 'I wish’... I could come home to ____ house everyday! (attach a picture and tell us why)

I absolutely love my neighborhood in Sacramento, Land Park. The houses are historic, unique and beautiful. The people are friendly. The trees are big and shady. I wish I owned a large house here to come home to everyday. Our one bedroom duplex is nice for now, but eventually I need more space and I wish we could currently afford this home:

Currently on the market for a mere $649,000.


MCW said...

That is an adorable house!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I am loving the entryway!!

Abby said...

Beautiful home!!!