Monday, April 20, 2009


So far there is no hairstylist in this whole city who is able to give me a perfect hair cut. If I could find someone who could do it right, I'd be a loyal customer! But there's always something wrong that I end up fixing myself when I get home. I have no cosmetology experience, but apparently I'm better able to cut my bangs than a stylist.

Today my haircut looks great, but my bangs are effed up! This woman cut them SO uneven. I told her they were uneven, and she said "no, they're straight." If my bangs being uneven is the first thing James notices when I walk in, you know they're really freaking uneven! I fixed them myself, but they're too short because she screwed them up so bad. That was the only way to make them straight.

The search for "my" hair person continues. I'm open to recommendations.

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Lady Jane said...

Oh that sucks...really sucks!! If you lived near me...I could totally hook you up..but alas can't. Sorry:(