Monday, October 8, 2012

Leia at 2 months

Runner-up shots:

Size: 10 pounds, 13 ounces (48th percentile) and 24 inches long (91st percentile - she's a tall one!). Clothing size 0-3 months.

Favorite things: Her play mat (Fisher Price Piano Gym), having her diaper changed, nursing, being held, sleeping on someone or with Mommy in bed, watching Mommy put away laundry, playing with Daddy and watching him make funny faces, listening to us read books, going outside. Grandma also comes and hangs out with us once or twice a week and she likes that!
Least favorite things: Sleeping while not being held (Or should I say when we try to make that happen - she opens here eyes immediately once we put her down!), being put in the Ergo/K'Tan while too awake or not quite awake enough, eating from a bottle. She punches and scratches me to show her disapproval when my milk comes out too slowly (common in the evenings).

Milestones: She's getting more independent and this mama sure appreciates that! By independent, I mean that she'll play happily on her play mat for 15-20 minutes, and sit in her swing for 30 minutes (a few times she's even fallen asleep for a little while!). I can't believe that I now consider 15 minutes to do the dishes a "break!"

Leia is sleeping through the night often too! She sleeps from 10 p.m. to either 3 or 5 a.m. I'd say the 7-hour stretch nights are a full night's sleep, right?

We've had some colic episodes a handful of times. She screams for about a half hour and just cannot be soothed :( Eventually my tricks from Happiest Baby on the Block do the trick... eventually.

She's not laughing yet, but she'll sometimes make an "ahh" noise when smiling that makes it seem like she's on her way there!

She can follow objects/people with her eyes, but she doesn't always do it. Just when she feels like it.
Cutest habits: Playing on her play mat - she kicks her legs, flails her arms, concentrates on the toys and smiles in the mirror... too adorable. Smiling in general. Watching us and following us with her eyes around the room. Talking (Usually "gooo").
Firsts: She's more active - when laying down she likes to kick her legs much more. She started kicking the piano on her play mat for the first time.

We're officially in cloth diapers now that she's big enough for the one-size diapers we have.

We went on our first family walk to the neighborhood park, but before that Leia went to another park for the first time for a play date.

She also went to her first party, where she nursed/slept most of the time but had some cute time to show off to our friends too.
Talents:  Play gym playing, looking in the mirror, nursing, sleeping (at night only!).

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Anonymous said...

The baby seems older than just 2 months old. Must be brilliant!