Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Leia at 1 month

This bunny blanket was mine as a baby :)

Runner up photos for month 1:


Size: 9 pounds, 8 ounces. She's wearing newborn size clothes, but they're getting tight. Some of the smaller 0-3 month size clothing fits better now.

Favorite things: Nursing, being held, sleeping next to Mommy in bed, looking around, Daddy.
Least favorite things: Being hungry, sleeping while not in someone's arms, being put in the car seat awake, pacifiers (unless someone holds it in her mouth for her).
Milestones: She lifted her head the night she was born. Finally got back to birth weight at 3 weeks old. At least once, she's now rolled from her back to her side, and from side to tummy (not both at once - different days).

Grandma, Leia and Mommy
Cutest habits: Smiling, which happens often while getting her diaper changed. When she's having a really good sleep, she stretches and makes the cutest little squeaky sound. Looking around curiously and wide-eyed.

Firsts: Everything! Hospital stay (Other than when she was born :( And all those bad things like first IV, etc.), met 4 of 5 grandparents and all aunts and uncles on mommy's side (Still have to meet the aunts on daddy's side), first bottle feeding, bath, car ride, grocery trip, Mommy and Me group, walk around the neighborhood... first smile around 4 weeks old (We think! It sure seems real!) :)
Leia's first bath
Talents: Lifting her head and shoulders like a champ during tummy time, falling asleep in the car, making lots of varied facial expressions.


Rose said...

Love the 1 month shots! What a happy little Leia :)

am258 said...

I love the little squeaks she was making while napping on me.

She's adorable! I can't wait to hang out with you girls again.

Anonymous said...

Awesome how fast she's growing and changing. Good job parents!