Friday, November 9, 2012

Leia at 3 months

I can't believe how big my baby is getting!! It's hard for me to remember what it was like when she was a teeny tiny newborn. Everyone who meets her comments on her beautiful big blue eyes and long eyelashes. Leia is so alert and wide-eyed - when she's awake she is awake and taking in every detail of the world!

This shot is the runner-up, just because it's a classic "Leia concentrating on having fun" face:

Size: She weighs 12 lbs., 7 oz.and is wearing 0-3 month size clothing.
Favorite things: Chewing on her hands, drooling (perhaps the early stages of teething?), looking in the mirror, nursing, standing, being outside, going for walks (first half in the stroller, then the Ergo - she won't tolerate either too long), diaper changes, mornings (she always wakes up happy!), watching us do things like put away laundry and rake. She seems interested in our feet too.

Least favorite things: Mommy doing chores and not focusing on her, driving (sometimes). For 2 or 3 weeks she went through a phase where she cried almost every time Daddy held her :( It was hard on all of us - Mommy needed a break, Leia threw a fit whenever Mommy needed a break, and Daddy's feelings were hurt! She seems to be over it now though ::knock on wood::
Milestones: She laughs!! The first was at 9.5 weeks old. I was playing with her at my parents' house. She laughed, and my sister and I turned to each other and screamed. Haha. It happens just once in a while now - tiny chuckles. She seems to think me sighing is hilarious!

We had a play date at 10 weeks old, and she smiled at another baby for the first time. I thought it had to be coming since she loves smiling at the baby in the mirror so much.

Leia has really great head control and can sit in the Bumbo now. She can lift her shoulders during tummy time. She's turned toward my voice and loud noises just a few times and recognizes Mom and Dad.

She's consistently eating about every 1.5-2 hours, instead of 1-1.5 like she had been for the longest time. Hooray!! That's during the day - at night she routinely sleeps 5-6 hours at a time.

She's fallen asleep a few times without nursing. Usually just a short nap, but last weekend James got her to fall asleep, then put her in bed without waking, and she slept for 4 hours!
Cutest habits: Smiling (it especially melts my heart when she first wakes up, and it seems like she's happy to see me :), laughing, talking/cooing, mirror playing, when she's in a good mood and laying on her back she kicks like crazy. Also when laying on her back, she stretches out and something about that is just adorable (especially when she does it naked on the changing table).
Firsts: First Giants World Series! First laugh, first trip to the Elk Grove Pumpkin Festival.

First holiday - Halloween. We went to Mommy and Me group, and then to a baby Halloween party with new friends!

This month she met her great-grandparents from Texas and Aunt Kristell/Uncle Eric.

We took her to her first sporting event - a basketball game to watch "Auntie Sondra" (Aunt Rose's roommate) coach against Sac State. She loved it! She would follow the players with her eyes when they ran to the other side of the court. She did so great, I was really surprised at how calm she was throughout.

Talents: Blowing spit bubbles, standing up (with us supporting her), first thing in the morning she'll play alone for 30 minutes while Mommy eats breakfast.

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Rose said...

Aw what a big girl she's becoming! Reading this melts my heart :) can't wait to see her! - Auntie Rose