Thursday, May 7, 2009

Too priceless to not share with the world

Last time I was moving (July 2008), I found a journal-type book of mine from when I was a teenager. I wrote tons of quotes I liked in it and doodled little borders around them and whatnot - you know, teenage girl stuff. One of the pages is entitled "My Goals For Senior Year." I recently remembered about this list and that I must blog about it. It's too amazingly and hilariously priceless not to. Without further ado, here is the insightful list.

Chardonnay's "My Goals For Senior Year"
circa 2003

> Win league in volleyball. Fail
> Win sections in volleyball. Fail
> Start in volleyball. Fail. Oh, except for that one time when Kourtney was injured
> Start in soccer. Fail. I might have, but I decided to quit soccer after 3 years because it wasn't fun. I don't regret it.
> Win at least half of our soccer games. I doubt that they did, but I don't know because I wasn't on the team.
> Skip school to go swimming. Fail, I think. I don't recall doing this.
> Skip school to do something else. Yes! I did this! I remember my mom let me. I'm not sure what I did that day though. I might have gone shopping.
> Go off campus at lunch. We had a closed campus. I left at lunch several times - quite the thrill.
> Go on a road trip. I went to San Diego with Mandy on spring break. We didn't drive though, we flew.
> Go to prom with my crush. I'm so embarassed that I wrote that! I did though.
> Have a great senior picture & quote. My senior picture was totally cute, and I think my quote was good too: "I want it said of me that I always plucked a thorn and planted a flower where I thought a flower could grow." -Abraham Lincoln. That happens to be written in my book.

Only 5 out of 11! I failed high school :(
Really though, being an adult is infinitely better than being a teenager.


Anonymous said...

It's fun to look back and laugh at high school years. When we're there we take life so much harder than it seems to be. I wish more reflective articles like yours were read by current high schoolers so that they could relax, enjoy the moments and not worry about so much.

Vanessa said...

Omg, so so true! I looked at my teenage diaries recently - they're so funny! Mostly they are incredibly repetitive. Yeah, the things that preoccupies us way back when...