Monday, February 4, 2013

Leia at 6 months

Happy half birthday to our sweet, cuddly, curious, shy, funny daughter! We love her so!

Size: 14 pounds, 10 ounces (25th percentile) and 2 feet, 2 inches long (51st percentile). She's wearing size 3-6 month clothes but is too long for some of the pajamas now.
Favorite things: Mommy saying "Choo choo," fake sneezing and "boo!" Watching the cat. Her jumperoo. Touching our faces. Playing with things that aren't toys, like a plastic hanger and a water bottle filled with rice. A few months ago I mentioned that the water bottle was too loud and scared her - a lot of things that were scary before are now fun. Like aggressive games of peek-a-boo ;) Leia loves when I sing to her, especially songs that have movement like "The Itsy Bitsy Spider." And when I dance like a fool. Clapping is pretty entertaining, I can see her thinking "how are you making that sound with those?"

Least favorite things: Having her runny nose wiped and suctioned with the snot sucker. She still won't sleep very long without touching me.
Milestones: She started grabbing her feet just after 5 months, and now she can put them in her mouth. Leia is reaching for everything. She wants her hands (and mouth) on every item humanly possible.

She's now eating pretty consistently every 2 hours during the day. Leia used to always prefer nursing to sleep, but now she often doesn't want to for naps. I still can't put her down to sleep, but she sometimes likes for Mommy to wear her in a carrier, pat her back and say "shhh" until she falls asleep.

She can pass objects from hand to hand, has developed her pincher grasp, and can clasp her hands together. When she drops an object while laying down, she can find it and pick it back up again. She can sit for a few seconds, but not consistently yet. She reaches out for Mommy when she wants me to hold her.

Cutest habits: Playing with her little feet. Not just looking in the mirror, but putting her hands all over it and discovering how she can hold hands with the other baby. Laughing for no apparent reason. I love when I'm holding her and she looks up at me. It feels like she's saying "This is my favorite place to be, Mama!" She's also started feeling my face/putting her hand in my mouth when she nurses. That started as cute, but is getting less cute because she scratches me without realizing it. She gets excited when Daddy gets home and seems happy to see him.

Helping Mom with the laundry!
Firsts: First tooth came in at 5 and a half months! First time going to Baby Story Time at the library (we started to go every Thursday - wish I had earlier). First cold :( That was NO fun. First tastes of real food - Daddy lets her chew/suck on apples (she likes) and pears (not so much), and we began offering mashed banana (not a fan) last week. Today we tried avocado - she didn't like that either.

See her first tooth?
Talents: Falling asleep when we go for walks, manipulating objects with her hands, being good out in public, tummy time, playing independently first thing in the morning while Mommy gets ready (the rest of the day... not as much).

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