Sunday, January 6, 2013

Leia at 5 months

5 months! Look at this big kid! I really feel like I'm going to blink and she'll be in kindergarten.

These shots are also worth sharing because she's just so darn cute:


Size: 13 lbs., 13 oz. Size 3-6 month clothing.
Favorite things: Putting everything in her mouth, peekaboo/baby yoga/talking with mommy, going for walks, a singing nursery rhyme book that was a Christmas gift from Lola. She likes when I tap on the window - and actually she's very interested in most new sounds.
I can make her laugh by doing really stupid dances for her, and she laughed at Aunt Rose when she did horrible karaoke. She's also a little ticklish in her armpits.
Leia loves drinking water too. She won't drink it out of a bottle or sippy cup, but I give her sips from my cup and she really likes it. I think feeding her solids is going to be a lot of fun! We're waiting until 6 months for that though.

New Years Eve
Least favorite things: Practicing sitting - she much prefers to be standing. Leia is very much attached to mommy right now and has separation anxiety. She does not like strangers! She's also really sensitive to smells and will cry if the kitchen gets a little smokey when I'm cooking, and she wasn't a fan of the weird smells at Home Depot. Sleeping without touching Mommy.

Christmas Eve
Milestones: She's really mastering control of her hands and reaching for objects a lot. I think she knows her name. She learned to roll the day before her 5 month birthday. I put her on her stomach for tummy time, turned away, and when I looked back she was on her back! She'll turn toward noises (She might have at 4 months, I can't remember. Oops). It seems like overnight her hair got much thicker.

Cutest habits: Laughing, talking/babbling, squealing. Smiling. I love when she's playing with a toy and smiles at us like "Isn't this SO much fun?!"

Firsts: First charitable donation: We participated in a breastmilk donation drive. And first time volunteering: We participated in "Baby Night" at Daddy's PTA school. The students observed her development and reflexes, though it didn't go too well due to that stranger anxiety! First Christmas and New Years Eve. First sips of water.

PTA school baby night
Talents: Being good in public, tummy time, standing up, getting drool on everything.

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