Friday, August 12, 2011

Kitchen design inspiration

Our kitchen has a lot of changes coming to it!

Original kitchen before we moved in

Phase 1 has already begun - we added a fabulous island (this one if you're interested)!

Yep, we ordered it online, sight unseen. Nothing we could find in any store was the right size, colors or price. It came in boxes and we took an evening to assemble it. It's made our kitchen so much more functional!! Not to mention pretty.

Next we will be installing a new granite countertop (currently blue laminate - stylish, no?) and sink/faucet - we hate the current ones, especially the sink! It's so not functional because the side with the garbage disposal is teeny tiny. So inconvenient for rinsing dishes.

We've also replaced those blue blinds with bamboo roman shades (Purchased from Lowes, where they'll custom cut the width for you for free).

Once the counter is replaced, we'll be painting and getting new light fixtures as Phase 2.

And sometime after that, Phase 3 will entail a new tile floor (through to the dining room too, which currently has carpet) and a backsplash.

Here's a big picture look at the overall design of the room. It was really helpful to me in seeing how it will all come together and making sure that the materials complement each other! (Click the image to see it larger)

  1. Cabinet color (I can see someday painting the cabinets white, but that's not a priority any time soon)
  2. Faucet we're planning to order (Well actually we're not completely decided but we like this one and this one)
  3. Our range - all appliances are white
  4. The island we added
  5. The granite counter we've selected - "Persa Antique"
  6. The tile on the floor will be similar to this color and "hopscotch" pattern
  7. Paint color will be something like this green - the specific shade hasn't been narrowed down yet

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