Sunday, June 19, 2011

My quarter century birthday

Thursday was my big 2-5! I have a feeling I'm always still going to feel young for a long time, because I'm the youngest in my group of friends - not to mention that hubs is 7 years older than me. This week was tons of fun celebrating my quarter century of life.

My thoughtful hubby surprised me with these roses after work, because he knew I'd be busy the next two days.

We went to dinner at J's coworker's house. Thank you Kim for the delicious meal!

My coworker and friend gave me with this wine glass gift - how perfect right?! Thanks Sabrina!!

"Hooray for Chardonnay!"
For lunch I went to Zen Sushi with my coworkers. Yum!

Kohaku Roll
Then after work several friends joined me for happy hour at Cafeteria. I think we had a good dozen people there and it was a lot of fun. We even somehow convinced J to go to Faces with us for a bit. That's one for the record books!

My older sister brought balloons and my younger sister gave me a beautiful framed collage of all my favorite wedding photos :)

I did some shopping in the morning. Among several other things, I got this dress. It was originally $70, on sale for half off, plus I had a $10 off coupon. $25! I'll probably wear it to a wedding next weekend.

We had dinner at Chicago Fire (my fave) with my parents and sister, then headed to Raley Field for a River Cats game. My mom brought this beautiful bouquet of flowers from her yard when we met at our house beforehand.

Sadly, I forgot my camera that night. We witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets ever, and of course I always love going to the game on Saturday nights because they have fireworks afterwards! All the little kids around us cheering, screaming and jumping for joy at the fireworks display was hilarious!

This wasn't for my birthday, but we went refrigerator shopping and then spontaneously decided to drop by a granite and tile warehouse to get ideas for our future kitchen and bathrooms :) It was sooo much fun and we came away from it with an agreement on colors and styles we like. I told J it was one of my favorite dates we've ever been on - I LOVE home decor/renovation stuff and I can't wait to get started!!

Overall, I really felt the love and was so honored that family and friends were sweet enough to give me a gift, a card, a text message or come spend time with me!

24 was a great year for me.
  • The best thing that happened was that I married my husband. He's perfect for me!
  • My parents also moved to this area, which I have loved loved loved.
  • We hosted our first tacky holiday sweater party, a dream of mine for far too long!
  • We started house hunting and while we're not quite there, we're in a good place when it comes to our future home.
  • I had many great times with fabulous friends - most of which I didn't blog about, unfortunately.
As my 25th year begins, I have some great plans for it!


Rose said...

Such a fun week of birthday festivities!! 24 really was a great year for you!

Anonymous said...

Where to start?! I had fun reading this entry bc it was so full of happiness. And I can't wait to see that new dress! Mom

The Jesse said...

happy {belated} birthday!!!