Friday, January 8, 2010

Photo Friday: San Diego

Some pics from our trip to San Diego in August 2007.

A mission in Presidio Park

Sea World

Petting dolphins at Sea World

One of my all-time favorite pics of myself, since it captures my love of milk oh-so-well! (Sea World)

Baseball game - Giants vs. Padres. We actually planned our vacation around when the Giants would be in town! Barry Bonds hit his record-breaking home run the following game. This game, he hit none.


MCW said...

That pic at the baseball game is so cute!

Rose said...

you first picture of the mission totally looks like spain!! :) and i agree that your milk picture is the best one ever!

Tracy-Girl said...

I love SD! :) My best friend lived there for 5 years and I loved visiting her.

And that is the tower bridge, I think. Our tour guide said that many people get the 2 confused - but the tower bridge is located next to the tower of London. But maybe I am confused now :)