Monday, January 18, 2010

Booked: Officiant & Day of Coordinator

We had an extremely successful weekend of wedding appointments in Santa Cruz! We left our house at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday to be on time for our first meeting at 8:30.

First Appointment: Officiant #1
Great guy. Love him. He asked tons of questions to find out about us, our relationship and how we feel about marriage. That's exactly what we wanted and he's perfect for us!

Second Appointment: Day of Coordinator #1
Lots of people I know probably think this is an unnecessary expense (Hi Mom and Dad!) but we really think that hiring a day of coordinator will relieve tons of stress for everyone involved. I just don't want my family or any of our guests to be worried about setting up and taking down chairs, cleaning up afterwards or anything else. I want them to have fun. Plus, since our ceremony will be held at a public park there is NO staff or anyone to help set up. Someone has to do it, and I don't want it to be our loved ones! I was able to find two coordinators with extremely reasonable rates - way less than half the price of most!

The first woman we met with was perfect. Totally knows what she's doing, what we want and has a ton of knowledge and experience. Plus, she has a wholesale flower license and since we're doing our own flowers, she can get them for us for cheap! We're going to hire her.

Third Appointment: Day of Coordinator #2
The second coordinator was also great. I'm sure she would do an awesome job and we'd be thrilled with her work... we just had to choose one and the first woman seems to have more experience and understand what we want a little better.

We met coordinator #2 at our ceremony site and it was a beautiful day, so of course I had to take a picture of it.

We took a lunch break at Tony & Alba's. It seriously upset my stomach! Not recommended!

Fourth Appointment: Officiant #2
The second officiant we met with was a nice lady. She would have been a fine choice but we just didn't like her as much as our first guy.

BUT - on the side of the cafe where we met her was the most fantastic sign!

Saturday night we had dinner at the restaurant where we're having our wedding reception. It really solidified how awesome it is... Saturday nights they have live music. It was the perfect atmostphere! It's basically everything we want - unique, cool, casual, classy and fun!

Sunday we had lunch at Zelda's before our final appointment. It was pouring rain so there was really nothing else to do.

Fifth Appointment: Officiant #3
This woman was great also, and it was an extremely tough choice between #1 and #3. Both would give us a great ceremony and we'd be happy with either. Really hard! We decided on #1 because he asked SO many questions and is planning to write, together with us, a completely personal ceremony.

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Amber said...

My one piece of advice for anyone planning a wedding (if they ask for it, of course) is to get a day of coordinator/planner/helper/whatever you want to call them! I didn't have one and I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off the day of my wedding. Granted, I like to do things myself (read: my way) and may have been running crazy even if I did have a coordinator but it would have been nice to at least know there was someone else I could grab if I needed help. I firmly support your decision to have one :-)