Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Holidays

Today I’m thankful for holidays! They’re the perfect excuse to get together with family and have some extra time away from work.

I’m getting super excited about Thanksgiving this year, because James and I are hosting for the first time! We always have it at my parents’ house, but this year it’ll be a little different. One sister is in Ireland and the other is going to Thailand for November and December (me = so jealous of both of them).

That leaves my parents, my brother and me (and our significant others) here in the boring U.S. of A. We’re going to change our Thanksgiving location to be at our cozy [small] casa, and James’ parents are invited too. I love hosting get-togethers!

The only thing that I’m worried about is how small our house is (1 bed/1 bath duplex). Oh, and that I’ve never in my life attempted to cook a turkey. I’m sure it’ll be fine though.

I’m totally decorating for Christmas the week before Thanksgiving so it’ll be up at our par-tay. I’m sure at least one person will make fun of me for decorating so early – but they’re just lucky I’m waiting until November!

P.S. I’m so looking forward to long weekends for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! Work has been redic lately!

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MCW said...

That sounds like a lot of work! We just started going to my sisters for Thanksgiving and then for the actual dinner we go to her in-laws. Let me tell you...we learned 2 years ago that they are horrible cooks. We made my mother cook an entire separate meal last year! I am sure yours will be fantastic!