Wednesday, October 21, 2009

KitchenAid Food Chopper

Last month I posted about my dire need for a Slap Chop, and shortly after I found a similar product at Target, the KitchenAid Food Chopper. Totally worth the $15!

I used it this weekend to chop the veggies for a new recipe: Rigatoni with eggplant, mushrooms and goat cheese (very good!). It worked great for the onion, garlic and mushrooms. The eggplant was too big to fit in, though.

I especially like it for garlic because I don’t have to touch it and get my hands all garlic smelly (no matter how many times I wash my hands it always stays for like 4 days!).

Of course I threw away the directions, so I couldn’t figure out how to wash it. At first it seems like the blade doesn’t come apart and the only way to wash it is by holding the handle down and washing it by hand. That's every inconvenient. However, the reviews on say that there’s a way to take them apart and put it in the dishwasher. I’m going to have to try that.

I rate this product 9 out of 10 :)

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MCW said...

I just saw this at Kmart. I love everything in my salad nice and small. I will have to pick one up!