Saturday, August 10, 2013

Leia at 1 year old

At one year old, Leia Juliana can say 15 words and do 11 signs. Her favorite words are cat and baby :) She has 8 teeth and is a pro at walking. She loves to play outside and with water, musical toys and dancing, Grandma, books, and going to the park. She can identify her head, ears, tongue, nose, belly, feet and toes. She likes feeding herself food, but still breastfeeds throughout the day and a few times at night. James and I feel so lucky that she came into our lives!! It's been a joy to see her grow into the perfect combination of smart and goofy ♥ I love my little pumpkin! She's everything that I anticipated and so much more.

Size: 23 pounds, 5 ounces (89th percentile) and 2'6" tall (77th percentile). Leia wears size 18 month clothes and is heavy!
Favorite things: Animals, toys that play music, dancing, mornings, playing outside, playing in/with water, getting dirty, books, Grandma, pictures of herself and other babies. Favorite foods are cheese, yogurt, eggs, apples, avocado, grapes, goldfish crackers, bread and tomato.
Least favorite things: Sometimes vegetables. That's the food she's least interested in trying usually.
Cutest habits: Playing peekaboo by hiding around corners, giving kisses, baby yoga (downward dog). Doing the motions to songs like "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and a "Rolling down the river" song that Grandma sings to her. When I sing "Pop goes the weasel" she says "Pop!"
Milestones: Leia started pointing this month. She's not as shy anymore, and actually often shows off for guests who come to our house.
First: Fairytale Town visit, and first birthday!
Language: Holy smartypants!! It's a good thing I'm stopping keeping track of all the words Leia knows after this 12 month blog, because it's a really long list! This month she learned to say: Hi, park, bear, pop, baby, and possibly out and where. She calls Daddy "gaga" because she can't pronounce the "D" sound very well. And Leia also learned the signs for: Sleepy, water, hat, thank you, chicken, sad, bunny, bath, hurt, pig, eat, duck, and possibly toothbrush. She amazes me, seriously!
Talents: Entertaining herself in the morning while Mommy gets ready. Riding in the car happily. Dancing. Speaking, signing, and understanding language.

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