Thursday, June 6, 2013

Leia at 10 months

Size: We outgrew Mommy and Me group so I don't weigh her regularly anymore. But she's wearing clothes in sizes 12 months and 18 months!
Favorite things: Mommy and Daddy holding her and dancing. All meat and cheese. Standing, books, her yellow ball, baths, swimming, necklaces. The cat. Playing in the kitchen. Sitting on the tile and turning in a circle.
Least favorite things: Hats, strangers, scary noises, having her nose wiped.
Milestones: Leia learned to wave, and she can pull herself to stand on just about anything. She also cruises along furniture quite well. Tooth #7 came in this month.
Cutest habits: She will start waving when I say "hi" or "bye bye," and clapping when I say "yay!" But she also claps and waves and random times throughout the day.

We love when she lays her head on our chest, often when strangers talk to her and she needs to check into her safe place.

Leia will sometimes laugh just because we're laughing. She'll kiss us on demand, but the best feeling ever is when she does it unprompted!! Often in the mornings crawling after the cat makes her laugh. Oh and the other day she grabbed my hands and "taught" me how to clap.
Firsts: Leia has started to open drawers, cabinets and closets. She also started her first swim class. She took her first step on her 10 month birthday!
Talents: Getting wherever she wants to be. Finding things to pull down... phone chargers are a  favorite. Clapping, waving and standing.
Language: Her first word might have been "mama." It's really hard to tell if it's babbling or if she knows what she's saying... but it seems like sometimes she says mama as she crawls to me. Also, the following words she has said once, and I can't for sure say that she knew what she was saying, but it was in the right context after a grown up said it repeatedly: Ball, cat, bye bye, hat.
Leia often signs "more," and I think a few times she's signed "all done," and "milk." She understands lots of our words that we say to her. I was surprised the other day when I started singing "If you're happy and you know it," and she started clapping!
She also has her own word for cat, she says "gah!" whenever she sees Jack. It's so consistent that if I'm looking away and I hear her say it, I can be pretty sure he's just entered the room. She even says GAH at pictures of cats in books!

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